RF-Radio Frequency PCB’s

Pure Electronics are a specialist at RF & Microwave PCB’s, with a focus on providing innovative & advanced solutions to your Radio Frequency & Microwave PCB requirements, Pure PCB can support your application across the RF spectrum. 2 -24 layers. Dielectric thickness 0.1 to 3.5mm. Available copper weigh 0.5oz to 15oz with 80z UL certification. Thermal capability from 0.82 W/mK. Minimum line width & space from 0.075mm

Utilizing its extensive knowledge of available RF substrates we can develop the best-fit solution for your critical RF product, driving product design, and long term product stability.

With a transparent & challenging approach to cost management, Pure PCB can, through early cooperation, ensure that all cost targets and budgets are met, future proofing your product to the lowest possible cost point.

Offering one off prototype requirements through to supplying a production ready product, Pure offers the level of consistency, repeatability, and affordability to bring your RF & Microwave requirement to fruition.

What is an RF & Microwave PCB ?

Radio frequency (RF) and microwave PCB’s are a type of PCB designed to operate on signals in the megahertz to gigahertz frequency ranges (medium frequency to extremely high frequency). These frequency ranges are used for communication signals in everything from cellphones to military radars.

Types of RF & Microwave PCB’s

•    Suitable RF Materials available : PTFC, FR4, Polymide, Polyester, Ceramic, Panasonic and Ventec.
•    Suitable RF Laminates/brands utilised: Taconic, Rogers, Arlon, Nelco, Sheldahi & Isola
•    Suitable RF compliant surface finishes: Electroless Nickel, Immersion Gold, ASIG, ISIG, Lead free hot air solder level

Quality RF PCB's at competietive prices.


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RF PCB overview: